Marcel Cominotto

At the age of fifteen, he was awarded the highest grade by the Royal School of Music of Liége for his studies in piano. He was also a prizewinner in the field of musical writing (harmony, counterpoint,fugue). Besides, he got several awards among which ‘le Prix de Virtuosité’ (the prize for virtuosity) from the Belgian government with the unanimity and high commendation of the jury. Afterwards, he improved his technique with Nikita Magaloff and Aloyis Kontarsky. As a pianist, he regularly gives performances at different festivals : Ars Musica, the International Contemporary Music Festival in Moscow, in Saint Petersburg , at the Stavelot festival, Musica Viva in Lisbon. At these festivals, he provided several creations . However, he was far from neglecting the classic and romantic repertory.. His recital programmes aim at decompartmentalizing the periods in history , giving the opportunity to the public to discover the history of music from the classical period up to the present day .

Beside his contribution as a pianist , Marcel Cominotto has also a career as a composer . He composed several pieces for solo instruments or for chamber orchestras; among others : “A la recherché de F.”(solo bass clarinet ) ; four “Prémonitions” (solo violin) two trios at the keyboard (violin, trombone and piano- clarinet ; cello and piano) “ Les oiseaux du souci” (flute in G, clarinet and two sopranos on a text by Prévert ) ) the reconstitution of a Mozart pantomime of which only the part for the first violin subsisted , “Antithesis” for solo woodwind instruments, (for the Dexia 2007 contest ) , six studies for the piano, Espaces improbables’ (for solo cello) , “Anna-morphoses” (for piano with four hands) ; “Fusions” (for two tenor trombones) . Beside all this, we must add some further pieces commissioned by some ensembles specialized in contemporary music (Nahandove, Konzentrat) In March 2011, “Humanum” ( for soprano, flute and piano) was released for ‘Ars Musica’. The keyboard trio, written for the Talweg ensemble was released at that same festival in 2012.

Since 1978, Marcel Cominotto has been teaching the piano at the music school of Chênée . He also teaches tonal writing at the Royal School of Music in Liège . He is very much involved in the revision of the pedagogy in musical writing. His approach to this question favours the comprehension of the evolution of the material and of the semantics in their historical background.