Marcel Cominotto

Désirs troublés For two violins 2019
Poème Lyrique For clarinet and cello 2019
TETRA For piano, violin and taikos 2018
Le gant restitué For soprano and piano 2017
La pluie des songes piano for four hands 2017
Collegamenti For small orchestra 2017
Dans les méandres du rêve... For ten celli 2017
A un ami For sopran and piano 2017
La nuit opère For tenor, clarinet and cello 2017
Storia per la mano sinistra... For solo piano 2016
Storia per flauto... For solo transverse flute 2016
Do... For solo piano 2016
Hokusai For soprano solo, text by Martine Debraz 2016
Spensieratezza... For clarinet in sib 2015
Triptyque... For cello solo in memory to the victims of attempts 2015
Storia per due celli... for 2 cellos 2015
A l’aube du crépuscule piano for four hands 2015
Le gant dérobé for soprano and piano 2015
Soir d’automne for piano solo 2015
Toccata per cembalo… for harpsichord 2014
Arborescences for 2 pianos 2014
Apollo for violin and piano 2014
Storia per corno… for solo horn 2013
3 préludes for piano 2013
6 préludes for two guitars (10 et 8 cordes) 2013
Facéties for piano for 4 hands 2013
Quatre tableaux aux couleurs entrelacées
for flute (and piccolo) clarinet in B flat (and low cl.)
alto guitar (and electric guitar), cello and piano
Quatuor à cordes n.1 2012
Inside soul… for piano and cello 2012
Le parfum des cordes for solo alto 2011
Les tombeaux d’Alexandre for solo piano 2011
Mutations for organs 2011
Fusions for two tenor trombones 2010
Trio à clavier n°1 for piano, violin and cello 2010
Anna-Morphoses piano for four hands 2009
Entre 4… for piano, violin, clarinets and percussion 2009
Humanum for piano, cello, flutes and soprano 2009
Trio for piano, cello and clarinet 2008 - 2009
Espaces improbables for solo cello 2008
Antithesis (edited by Bayard) for woodwind instruments 2007
6 Studies solo piano 2007
Reconstitution d’une pantomime d’après Mozart 2005
Trio for piano, violin and trombone 1998
Les oiseaux du souci for clarinet, alto flute and 2 soprani 1992
4 Prémonitions for solo violin 1982
A la recherche de F for solo bass clarinet 1981