L'atelier musicien

Marcel Cominotto


"L'Atelier Musicien", founded by the composers Denis Bosse, Michel Fourgon and Claude Ledoux is the product of several shard preoccupations at once artistic, philosophical and social.

Artistically, even if their respective styles belong to different aesthetics, these three artists share the same desire to explore musical matter, mainly as regards tonecolour and concertante dimension, with the combinatoire heritage as a connecting factor.

The social and philosophical aspects of their approach go hand in hand, an association that is the expression of their wish, as composers, to produce musical events not only through the production of new work but also through the organisation of their circulation. This is not to say they wish to create a movement, rather it is, according to the philosopher Pascal Nottet with whom they work the setting up of an "Atelier Musicien", a "Musician Workshop", a meeting-place for exchanges and exporation.

Lastly, they seek to establish a more equitable relationship with the performer, freeing a first performance from dependency on the solicitations of performers. If musical invention is to proceed untrammelled, it must precede the intervention of the performer.

This record, the fruits of the coming together of "L'Atelier Musicien" and "L'autre trio", is the expression of this particular, original approeach to composition.